Who Are You?

Researching your family history is more than just a hobby – it becomes an obsession.  Learning about your ancestors, where you come from and what you’re made of, is addictive. Each discovery urges you to dig deeper, to find out more; and we can often unearth more questions than answers, which only adds to the intrigue.

Genealogy gives us a sense of belonging, and a feeling of being part of something greater.  Revealing stories about our forebears, can expose traits in our own identity we hadn’t previously acknowledged. It also allows us to tell the stories of our ancestors, to remember them and their experiences, and to document their lives for future generations to treasure.

But where do you begin, and what do you do when you hit a ‘Brick-Wall’ in your research? That’s when you need to help of a professional genealogist.

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Remember Family History

Here are some testimonials from my clients: 

“Kelly was amazing, helping me find information on my Dad who I’d be trying to find information about for the last 50 years. Just wish I’d found her services a long time ago. She kept me informed through all the process by email, never gave up and worked very hard. If you are looking for information about your family, then Kelly is your person to find that information. I highly recommend her and her services. A+++++” K.R.

“I received the report this morning and I’ve read it about 5 times. It’s absolutely amazing what Kelly managed to uncover and put together. There’s so much depth in the stories with a huge amount of detail. This will certainly bring a tear to a lot of family members. It truly means a lot to see this. Thank you so much.” R.P-E.

“Really thrilled with my family tree and feel so much more connection to people I never met! What a fabulous gift to share with the rest of my family. I highly recommend Who Am I? and look forward to her helping me again.” A.F.

“It’s been an amazing journey into the past. Kelly has been so thorough and diligent ensuring all our family’s details are accurate. She has given us a real insight into their lives too. My mum and I are overwhelmed and delighted by it all! Something so special to keep in the family and pass on to the next generation.” L.R.

“I would like to say a big thank you for your work on my ancestors search. It was amazing to find out where I am descended from. How you managed to go back so far I don’t know. Well done and thanks again. ​ I will be recommending to my friends for sure.” G.G.

“Kelly is still in the process of tracing my birth grandparents and their extended family. This is no easy task as I have virtually nothing to give her to help narrow down the search! Nevertheless, she has refused to give up and conscientiously pursues every lead so she can ensure that everything she uncovers about my family is accurate. I already know far more than I ever would have found out on my own.
She is doing a grand job, thank you Kelly!” C.B.